This Week's Creative Inspiration

Inspiration is crucial for my day-to-day creative work from home. Feeling uninspired means I'll also feel unmotivated, so I keep my eyes peeled for various forms of inspiration. Hopefully, these lists will refuel something in you too. 


Web Design

Though my personal web design style tends to be clean and minimal with lots of white space, ironically the two favorite sites I've come across lately are loud and colorful. I love the playfulness both sites exude and how perfectly they convey the artists behind them. (These sites have also urged me to make more time to learn JavaScript so in the future I can create fun, wonky, whimsical sites that align with my folky, medieval, circusy aesthetic).

Good design makes you happy. And these sites make me very happy =)

  1. Teatr Lalka // Warsaw's oldest puppet theatre.

  2. Leta Sobierajski // ...combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling to create utterly unique visuals.


Miharu Koshi & Haruomi Hosono

This album...

...especially track 3 I'm Leaving It All Up To You. I'm not sure whether or not the singers know the meaning of the lyrics or if they are simply mimicking sounds. I hope it's the latter.



Utterly mind-blowing work. The words architecture and design barely touch the experiences these multidisciplinarians create. 

From underwater restaurants to a powerhouse hotel in the Arctic, a center dedicated to artist Theodor Kittelsen, sculptures that are also homes...

You must browse their Projects (so long as you're prepared to be distracted from your tasks for the rest of the afternoon). 


Irem Yazici is am embroidery artist who creates colorful, quirky works of art using thread.

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One of my slow side projects is an embroidery tribute to a place, so her work has been inspiring in a few artistic directions.  

I'd follow her on Instagram if I were you. 


Tippi Tillvind

I wish I could remember how exactly I came across Tippi's work. She herself seems like a secret and her collages have that same mysterious tone to them, leaving you longing to know more of the story... 

View her nostalgic and cerebral collages here.

Personal Adventuring

Our trip to desolate, Icelandic-influenced Washington Island in Wisconsin was a really inspiring getaway, complete with an ice-breaking ferry ride, a medieval stave church, and a whole wintry birch-speckled island in the north woods to ourselves (or so it felt). 

Tiffany Davidson Freelance Squarespace Web Designer SEO Specialist Creative Inspiration
Eric Smith Tiffany Davidson
Tiffany Davidson Stav Church Creative Inspiration

And now, creative coffers refilled, it’s back to work.