Websites That Actually Convert: A Questionnaire To Help You Get Clear About Your Site Goals


A while ago I realized something: some of my clients (and people I spoke professionally with in general), wanted a website, but they didn't truly know why other than to just have one because that's what businesses and individuals do nowadays. 

While this is true, you do need a website to actively grow your business in today's global marketplace. But, consider this: At the time of writing this, there are 644 million active websites in existence. 

Now, try to think about how many different websites you've visited just this year. A hundred? A thousand? 

Whatever the number, it's guaranteed to be an infinitesimal percentage of how many websites there actually are. 

The websites that you visit (organically at least, without seeking out because you know the person, etc.) were designed to be found. 

Websites don't just get built and left there to magically attract visitors. (I used to think this, so I promise I'm not judging you).

Getting a website noticed requires lots of research, a content marketing strategy, comprehensive SEO, good user experiences, and a lot more. 

It is absolutely crucial that you know the WHY of your website.

(Then you can pay someone like me to figure out the HOW). 

To help this along, I decided to develop a simple questionnaire. It's a questionnaire to help you gain clarity - from an art (design) aspect and from a science (SEO, target audience...) perspective. 

If you're already pretty clear on the WHY of your website, this questionnaire should only take you about 10 minutes. Maybe even less. 

But if you're looking to build a new website or update an existing one, you need to have solid answers to these very basic questions. 

A Questionnaire to help you understand the why of your website

  1. Describe the ideal visitor to your website. Consumers or other businesses? Fashion-forward or more conservative? High-end or budget? Local to you or far-flung? Young or old?

  2. When your ideal visitor arrives, what frame of mind are they in? Seeking information? Ready to purchase?

  3. If your ideal visitor stopped by your website, what would you want them to do before they left? Contact you? Book an appointment? Make a purchase? Subscribe to your newsletter?

  4. Which social media channels (if any) do you think your ideal visitor spends time on? Are you already interacting with them in a marketing capacity?

  5. Keywords & keyword phrases you want to target for. What are people searching for that will lead them to your site? (Hint: life, beauty, essential oils, etc. are not good keywords. Off-grid living in Washington state, natural haircare routine for long hair, and essential oils for flu are much better. How many times have you searched Google for "life"? Probably never. Think about your own Internet use to get insight into other peoples. Get to know your target audience. Understand what they are looking for and problems they need help solving.

  6. Understand your industry and how you fit into it. Newcomer or established? Local, regional, or national? Artisanal or mass market?

  7. What kind of feeling do you want your new site to radiate? When visitors come, what are the feelings you want to evoke?

  8. What brands or individuals do you consider competition? 

  9. What makes you or your business unique/competitive/appealing?

  10. What goals do you hope to meet by having this website? (Very important).

  11. List 3 (or more) website you love and list what you love about each one. 


Let me know if these questions helped you better understand the WHY of your website. Maybe you can think of some more questions that are beneficial. If so, please add to this list in the comments below. I really appreciate it and hope this helps everyone out!

x Tiffany



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