For Best ROI, Hire A Website Designer Who Is ALSO An SEO Specialist


A lot of people can design a beautiful website.

Squarespace doesn’t make this too difficult with its incredible templates and style cues.

But this is just one dynamic of a successful website, and arguably even the less important of the two.

Consider that there are 644 million websites in existence as of the time this blog post is being written, so getting your website seen by your target audience doesn’t just happen, it takes strategy and intention.

“Can’t I get SEO for my website later?”

Absolutely. You can.

I sell a lot of SEO services on already existing Squarespace websites.

But performing SEO on already existing websites never has the results that a brand new website launched out into Internet land, complete with full SEO, has.

Many of my clients who purchase full web design + SEO packages land on Google page 1 in the first two months after we launch their site for specific targeted keywords!

This means that it’s normal for my clients to see a return on their investment within 8 weeks of purchasing my services.

“So after we launch the new website, with the seo already being completed, I can just sit back and wait for clients to contact me, right?”

Well, technically, you could. But I wouldn’t suggest doing so.

Yes - your website will be a powerhouse of keywords for Google to index and rank right off the bat, as soon as it’s launched. And several of my clients have made it to Google page 1 without doing anything else.

But, I don’t suggest this.

SEO is never complete.

It is a deliberate and ongoing strategy.

At the end of a project, I provide clients with a list of blog post topics that they need to create content around. I tell them specifically what the title of each blog post should be, what to use as the URL slug, along with a comprehensive checklist of how to create an SEO-driven blog post.

Clients who take the time to create and publish these posts will certainly have the most ranking success.

“But I can’t afford to hire a web designer + SEO expert right now”

Then wait.

Save your money.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to afford the higher quality.

Otherwise, you’ll get the immediate comfort of having a website but so what if that website isn’t contributing anything except another expense?

Start your new brand or idea off on the right foot. Make good investments.

Because I have to turn down so many requests for SEO due to my full schedule, I’m planning to create a seriously amazing Squarespace SEO course. This way, I can help a LOT more people without being dependent on hours in the day. Thank you, technology!

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Talk to you soon!




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