Squarespace SEO: Getting My Clients To Google Page 1 in 2019


My Fundamental One-Time Squarespace SEO Service is becoming more and more popular.

And it’s a very straightforward service.

I don’t deliver a bunch of graphs and spreadsheets at the end of the project - just one document listing out target keywords, blog post topics the client needs to create (including URL to use), and instructions on what to do moving forward for long-term SEO growth.

Simple enough.

Yet more and more of my clients are hitting Google Page 1 for their target keywords, using only my organic SEO, no paid advertising.

This is probably the most rewarding part of my business, to be honest.

While I love designing websites and I love when clients are thrilled upon seeing their new site for the first time, what I really love is seeing that site hit Google Page 1, because this goes beyond pretty design. This is actual business and brand growth, and this means I’m helping my clients reach their goals.

That feels pretty dang good to me.

So let’s take a look and see how a few of my recent clients are doing in 2019.

Client: HAVEN

Target keyword: modern prefab homes east coast

Site went live: February 2018

Currently ranking on Google Page 1.

Client: Acclaim Media

Target keyword: video production illinois

Site went live: 6 months ago

Currently ranking on Google Page 1.

Client: Cindy Taylor

Target keyword: michigan indiana real estate photography

Site went live: 4 months ago

Currently ranking on Google Page 1 (first spot, too!)

Client: Topher Grace

Target keyword: minor adventures

Site went live: 2 months ago

Currently ranking on Google Page 1.

Client: Tentrax

Target keyword: jeep cargo trailer

Site went live: 2 months ago

Currently ranking on Google Page 1.

As I continue to develop my expertise with Squarespace SEO, the sites I’ve designed in the last month and a half will certainly be making their way to Google Page 1 soon.

I’ll make this a series so we can keep tabs on it :)

Be back soon!



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