Squarespace SEO: What Are High-Intent Keywords?

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I’m not sure that the general public really gets keywords.

I have a questionnaire that clients fill out prior to the project start date wherein one of the questions asks for keywords they already know they want to target for. I get responses like: “Amazing.” As in - they want to target for the keyword amazing.

Have you ever searched for “amazing” on Google?

Me either.

At the next level are clients who are a little more specific, but still nebulous with their terms. An example here would be something like: landscaping or recipes.

Have you ever searched for terms like those? Likely not, as they’re just too broad and general. If you were searching for landscaping, you would probably be more specific with a keyword like: landscape design bellingham wa or if you were searching for recipes you’d likely enter something along the lines of healthy dessert recipes.

But it goes beyond this. We can get even more strategic by differentiating between keywords that have commercial value (or, ‘high intent’) and those that do not.

Most keywords that are searched for fall into one of three categories:

  1. inspirational - the user simply wants to be inspired

  2. informational - the user needs to find information

  3. transactional - the user is looking to make a purchase

It’s this last category— the transactional keywords— that I want to talk about now, to help you get the most out of your website.

understanding Commercial Value ‘High-Intent’ Keywords

Every time an Internet user searches for a specific term, or keyword, they send a signal.

This signal usually falls into one of the above categories: looking for information, inspiration, or to make a purchase whether it be goods or services.

For example, if you searched “commercial value keywords” or “high intent keywords” to find this post, the signal you’re sending is that you’re looking to learn something, not that you’re looking to buy something.

Let’s look at a few of the search terms most commonly used to find this website over the last week:

  1. squarespace web designer - This is most likely a high-intent keyword, as whoever is searching for it probably needs the services of a Squarespace web designer. It could be informational as well— searches from other designers or those who are learning about becoming a Squarespace web designer.

  2. squarespace designer - same as above

  3. squarespace seo expert - Probably high-intent, someone wanting to get a Squarespace SEO service for their website. But, again, it could be informational for those planning to learn Squarespace SEO as part of a career path or to optimize their own site.

  4. reveal text on hover squarespace - This is purely informational. No commercial value. This is a designer seeking solutions to a problem.

  5. seo for squarespace blog posts - Most Squarespace SEO searches are high-intent, but this one is a little different. This search term is probably informational. The person who searches for this is probably looking to DIY the SEO on their Squarespace blog. And because I have a very in-depth checklist about how to do this, they have no real need to pay me to do it for them.

examples of commercial value keywords

I think examining actual search terms is the best way to understand this, so now let’s hop over to one of my niche websites and examine those keywords.

These are the search terms bringing the most amount of traffic to my other site, which is a homesteading blog:

  1. gifts for outdoorsy women - whoever enters this search term is in a buying frame of mind, looking to purchase a gift, so this is a commercial value ‘high-intent’ keyword

  2. gifts for healthy eaters - same as above

  3. gifts for outdoorsmen - same as above

  4. movies about living off the grid - This could go either way depending on the individual; they might want to purchase or rent a movie, or find free films available online. Good thing that particular blog post caters to both!

  5. old-fashioned homemaking - This is a great example of an informational and inspirational keyword since the person who searches for this term is likely hoping for both. If I created a course or workshop to cater to this keyword, I could probably turn it into a transactional keyword, too.

For successful SEO and for a good reader experience overall, I think a website should offer content for all categories. No one wants to feel like they are only being sold something. And if your site is just informative, but not inspirational in some way, the reader might click away too soon.

If you have any questions about specific keywords, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email me or leave a comment below.

I’m happy to help out!



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